Little Infinity 

And there I was,

Standing in front of her,

The place was gloomy.

As it was the hospital


I walked closer to her

She asked “Who are you?”

“I’m here to tell you a story”

She smiled and her eyes sparkled,

As if her eyes hold the stars, the universe and the galaxies.

So the story begin-

The story was very ordinary

A rich seventeen year old girl,

And a poor seventeen year old boy,

Both met and fell in love. 

Their love was fairytale dream,

They laughed, they cried,

They played, they scream,

Oblivious of the fact that

The love they shared is soon 

about to part their ways.

Millionaire parents wanted a prince and a stallion,
And they found poor guy not competent enough.

So they took their princess,

And went far away with their guff.

But the story doesn’t have a culmination here
10 years passed.

The God make them confront again.

The poor guy wasn’t rugged anymore.

But the gods had planned something else for them.

As she told him, she was engaged.

She had lost all hopes and moved on,
But life has always keep her prawn

Her first love has retrived.

And now she was just grieved.

(Why life is so unfair for the people who love?) 

Now she has to make a decision.A decision between her love or her destiny.

A guy she had met a month before,

Or the one she wished to spend her life with.


“Oh! I know what happened next”

She hugged me and i felt so complete,

“I choose my first love, i choose you.”

I smiled as my wife remembered our time.

We talked, we chated
And shared our long lost love.

Soon after fifteen minutes she shouted,

“Who you are? Don’t come near me.”

And i realised she lost her memory again.


And i stood there, holding our love book.

On the first page, it was written,

‘The story of our lives by

Allison hamilton

To my love, Noah

Read this to me,

Till i come back to you’

And now i was to read it,

For ther eighteenth time.


It was her bed time now,

I went to her hospital room,

She was sleeping.

She looked so innocent,

Even in her seventies,

She looked like a child.


I went closer, held her hand,

And she wasn’t breathing now.

Something choaked me inside.

I slept next to her.

I hugged her, and closed my eyes.

And i guess, this was our little piece of love.
We lived together, we died together.

But our love didn’t,

It belonged to eternity.

This was our little infinity.

Eternal Union

She wasn’t inclined to something extraordinary, 

She was only craving for his love, 

For the love of her only man in life, 

For the love of her father. 


She never felt any role more satisfying

Than that of a daughter. 

She was his only princess, 

She was yearning for his love. 

On the other hand, 

He was a zealous soul, 

Captured in the love for his country. 

For the multitudes

Repletely stranger for him. 


When he was leaving, 

As a magpie for his out land. 

She waved him adieu, 

With a smile on her face. 

But her smudged mascara

Told a distinctive story. 


She always wanted to be like her father. 

When his shoes stop fitting her. 

She found solace in his white coat. 

It was her 18th birthday coming

And all she wanted was

A lounge,  a coffee,  her father,

And late night talks. 

His hugs,  his embracement

And his quirks. 

“You always promise to come back home early but you never do”

She complained this time with more sobriety. 

“Give me five more days honey,, 

This time I’ll really come home early”


Finally her desire to be with her father got fulfilled, 

Her dad came earlier than he promised. 

But with a half-crowned promise. 

He came for eternity

Draped in a tri-color.

Our Daughter

“Beti nahi yeh, beta hai hmara.”

(She’s not our daughter, she’s our son)

Said a proud father of a daughter,

Who had won a gold medal,

For her country.
“So this was it?”

I ask myself looking in the mirror,

As those words echo in my head.
I was not born to hear this,

To be compared as a son.

Why can’t they be proud of a daughter?

Why every time she rises,

She’s distinguished into a son?

Why they can’t be proud of her as a daughter?
If she fails, it’s said

“Ladki hai, is se nai ho payega”

(She’s a girl, she can’t do it)

And if she wins,

She’s featured as a son.
Ever asked her what she wants to be called?

Ever wonder how she wants the world to see her?

This is not the world we dream of.

We see a world which is proud to say she’s our daughter.

A world who appreciates her for who she is.

Where she’s not compared.
Let me tell you what are we.

We are strong,

We are capable,

We are tough,

We are bold,

We are well-made,

We are confident,

We are courageous,

We are fearless,

We are independent.

We can stand up on our own feet.

We can be whatever we want to be.

We can be a housewife,

We can be a scientist,

We can be an athlete,

We can be a business women,

We can be a pilot,

We can be a writer,

We can be a producer,

We can be an artist.

We can be anything we want to be.

And that does not make us like a man.

It simply make us a women.
I hope you get this one day.

I hope one day you see her true potential.

I hope one day you’re proud of her.

I hope one day you’re able to say “She has made it like a daughter”

A Date

It was the normal busy hectic office day. 7 in the evening and you were packing your stuff to go home. As soon as you move out from the office building and reached your car, you see your car’s left tire punctured. “Oh no” you mumble. Too tired, you decided to go home walking and thought the next morning you’ll call the mechanic. You start to walk with earphones on, volume full and singing along your favorite song; 

“Cause I wanna wrap you up

Wanna kiss your lips

I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it

Yeah, I, I wanna make you feel wanted”

And suddenly after 2 minutes of walking a big car came besides you and stops. Four guys come out of the car, all having a mask. One blind folds you, another tie your hands at the back, one lifts you up from your arms and another lifts you up from your legs. They put you in the car. And it happened all in a blink of an eye. You could not even think what was happening. And when you finally came into senses, all those four guys hands were on you. You were scared as hell. Your heartbeat was racing at a speed more than the car itself. They untie your hands and start to wear off your shirt, still holding your hands tight. Fuck. What the fuck was happening? You wanted to shout but you could not. Then they unzip your pants and wear them off too. Am I getting raped!, you thought. You wanted to cry. You were feeling so helpless. And then suddenly you felt some clothes on your body. They’re putting them back on you. Really! But they didn’t even do anything.

What…. What the hell am I thinking! God just get me out of here.

The car stops. They get you out of the car. You suddenly feel relaxed. A cold breeze passed touching your face. Everything there is so calm and peaceful. That fresh air. Your hands get untied. They put off your blind fold and rush their car back. You stand there. No one’s around. You look around and it’s a beach. The sky is filled with soo many stars. You look down to see your clothes and you are not wearing the same clothes that you were wearing today. You’re wearing a black suit with a white shirt within and a little red bow tie. You liked what you’re wearing but you’re confused. What just happened and why you’re there? You catch yourself thinking about these questions.
As you go a little near the beach you saw a shelter. It was round like an umbrella but instead of having one pole in the centre it was having poles around it. It was covered with white curtains all around it. But they were not able to cover anything as they were dancing with the wind. That place was beautifully lit up by the candles. You saw a table in the centre of that place and someone sitting on the chair facing the other side. 
As you go near your heart starts to beat fast and when you place a step there. She stands up and turn around. And damn, your jaw dropped. Your heart skipped a beat. She was looking so gorgeous in that red saree. You went blank. She was looking extraordinary beautiful. You’ve never seen someone as pretty as her. You were awestruck by the perfume she was wearing. Her red jhumkas complemented her saree. Her long hair with golden highlights were getting along perfectly with her complexion. And that kamar (waist) of hers, it was stealing the show. You loved her kamar. Didn’t you? You would always tell her that her kamar was yours and not hers. And that was one of the reasons you loved girls in saree and now specifically you loved just her in a saree. She blushed catching you looking at her kamar and her cheeks went red too. And let me tell you, she didn’t put up the rose. And then she smiled making you remember the first time you saw her, she was talking to some girl unknown of the fact that she was being watched by you. And at that time you’d already fallen for her smile. 

“Cameron”. You hear a little whisper. Your name sounds perfect when it’s been called by her. And oh boy her voice. You looked into her eyes and you were hypnotised. It was like someone has casted a magical spell on you. Everything seemed to move in a slow motion. No, actually everything stopped around you. 

“Puchu, are you okay?” 

No. Nothing was okay. You were losing yourself into her. She brought you back into the reality by shaking you up. You finally came into senses. And she hugged.
That hugged lasted a little longer. You didn’t wanted to let go off her neither she was ready to leave you. But then to continue your date you’d have to stop hugging. So after hugging you pulled a chair for her. She sits, and you sit in front of her. And you both stare, without saying anything and still talking with your eyes. There was a lot to tell. There was a lot to share. But at that time silence was on the peak and it was talking. 
You have been very busy in your life. Your concentration was more on setting up your career than on your love life. She was also busy with her studies and busy in doing something of her own. You both would talk on and off on whatsapp. Calls were rare, and that too they would last for just 10-15 minutes. And you both would meet once in 2 or 3 months for few hours. That spark in your love life was gone a long back. But you were still together because spark or no spark, you both did loved each other. 
Now she’s sitting just in front of you. It seems unreal like a dream for both of you. You place your hand over her hand on the table. A tear rolled from her eyes onto her cheeks. That tear was mixed with emotions. It was the tear of joy of seeing you after such long time. It was the tear of being with you in that moment. It was the tear of separateness. It was the tear of missing moments of being with each other. You could not see her cry and that is why you felt your eyes getting moist too. But this was not the night to cry or be sad. This was the night to enjoy each other’s company. The night to create some special moments. The night to feel each other’s presence. The night to bring back that long lost love again. The night to be spent in each other’s arms. 
She was never a good controller of her emotions so you had to do something to vanish that tear off her face and bring a smile on it. 

“You look beautiful, Chuhi” you said. 

She broke down. Shit. You didn’t wanted that. Why is she crying? You get off you chair sit beside her on your knees pulling her face towards your asking her to stop crying. But she isn’t stopping. It’s getting worse. What do you expect? She’s been wanting to hear this thing since forever. And obviously if she’ll hear this thing after such long time, she is bound to break down. Not that compliment. That name ‘Chuhi’. Remember you used to call her by that name. Okay forget about this. Tell me when was was the last time you told her you love her? Even you didn’t remember. Right? Ahh… Let it be. 
You crack some of your stupid lame jokes but she still didn’t stop. Then you tickle her on her tummy and she laughs. She laughs really hard. And you felt butterflies seeing that laughter after such along time. You ask her to stand up, you sit on her chair and make her sit on your lap. She smiled, blushed and loved it. You both are hungry so you start eating that yummy pasta that she’s made for you. She feeds you. And you loved eating from her hand. You talked and laughed and remembered the old days. 
After you both were full, she stood up, unlocked her phone, turned on the Bluetooth and it got connected with the speakers. She played the song. Your favorite song. Adjusted the volume put her phone on the table and sat on her knees. 

“Would you like to dance with me?”

And how could you ever say no? “Of course” you said.

You held her from her waist, she put her hands on your shoulders. And you danced. 

“Cause I wanna wrap you up

Wanna kiss your lips
I wanna make you feel wanted

And I wanna call you mine

Wanna hold your hand forever

And never let you forget it

Yeah, I, I wanna make you feel wanted”

And you did exactly as the lyrics went. You both were looking into each other’s eyes, lost in each other. And then your lips met hers. Those lips of hers. You were missing them terribly. She was dying to taste you again. You both kissed passionately and intensely. You got involved with each other soo deeply that you forgot everything other than each other. Though you’ve been together before and you’ve got intense and you’ve kissed. But this was something else. A feeling you both have never experienced before. It didn’t felt real but it felt fucking deep. It all seemed like a dream. It was nostalgic. This is what love feels like. Real but unreal at the same time. This is how lovers meet. The ones who really knows how to love. This is how you steal moments from your busy life. This is how you live. This is how you love. 

This is how your first date ended. 

First blog post

Hey everyone, so I’m new here and I’m a little bit of nervous and excited at the same time. I’m starting this blog because I’ve always wanted to do something of my own in something which interests me and there’s nothing better than writing. Writing makes me feel alive. There are so many things that goes into our minds everyday, so many emotions and feelings, knowledge of things which we want to share. But sometimes we can’t find that one person with whom we can share. Happens to me. Always. So now I’m going to say it all with you guys. And I really hope you like my blogs and my blogs make a positive impact on you. I hope they inspire you. I hope you can relate to them.